Columbus Reciprocity Membership

New Offices

Please complete the below applications for CBR reciprocity membership to WRIST Inc.   To establish a new office with WRIST, an office application will need to be completed, along with a new member application for each participating licensee in the office.  Principal Broker participation is required. There is an initial one-time fee of $200 to open the office and reciprocity membership fees are $30 per member, per month.

New Members/Transfers (Agents and Appraisers)

If your office is currently a member of WRIST and you are a new agent or appraiser applying for membership or transferring to a new office, please complete the new member application. Reciprocity membership fees are $30 per member, per month.

Unlicensed Staff

Please complete the new member application. Unlicensed Administrative MLS access fees are $10 per staff member, per month. 

Membership Cancellation

Please complete the membership cancellation form. Principal broker signature is required. 

Orientation Requirement:

All new licensed members to WRIST are required to attend a 2 hour orientation class.  Upon acceptance, you will receive an email containing your login information and scheduled orientation date.  Orientation must be completed within 60 days of membership acceptance.

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