New Offices

Please complete the below applications for DABR reciprocity membership to WRIST Inc.   To establish a new office with WRIST, an office application will need to be completed, along with a new member application for each participating licensee in the office. Principal Broker participation is required.  There is an initial one-time fee of $200 to open the office and reciprocity membership fees are $24 per member, per month.

Dayton Reciprocity Membership

If your office is currently a member of WRIST and you are a new agent or appraiser applying for membership or transferring to a new office, please complete the new member application. Reciprocity membership fees are $24 per member, per month.

New Members/Transfers (Agents and Appraisers)
Unlicensed Staff

Please complete the new member application. Unlicensed Administrative MLS access fees are $10 per staff member, per month. 

Orientation Requirement:

All new licensed members to WRIST are required to attend a 2 hour orientation class.  Upon acceptance, you will receive an email containing your login information and scheduled orientation date.  Orientation must be completed within 60 days of membership acceptance.

Membership Cancellation

Please complete the membership cancellation form. Principal broker signature is required. 

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